About Us

Having worked in the heart of London for over fifteen years as a successful luxury womenswear designer, Abigail Eaton founded Studio Real|ne. A conscious label, for those looking for; honest, timeless and functional design. Born out of an obsession to do fashion the right way. 

We value playfulness, quality and longevity above all else. Our wardrobe essentials are the garments we love and wear the most. Investing time in development, we’ve created a modular wardrobe of interchangeable pieces, that can be worn through the seasons. Taking our time when it comes to the products we make. Building upon our experience and listening to our customers, which allows us to incrementally improve each garment over time.

Keeping things simple, we operate only on our online channels, bypassing all the costly steps of traditional fashion, delivering directly to you. We’ve removed everything that doesn’t add value, from distributors and wholesale middlemen, to branded labels, allowing us to invest in only what matters. Therefore, we have competitive prices which are minus the traditional retail mark-up.

From the very start our business is built on being sustainable. We believe this is just the way a business should be run, rather than an initiative. The products we design and make are made from materials that cause the least amount  harm to the people in our supply chain and the planet. We also ensure all workers are paid a fair wage, under safe and healthy working conditions. Our ultimate goal is to make people look and feel good, knowing that their clothing has come from a place of ethical and social responsibility. 

As a new business it is hard, and we won’t be able to do everything we aspire to all at once. We will have many moving parts that will evolve over time. We look forward to sharing our journey!